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Internal Tourist

Guiding you on a feisty adventure back into Yourself

Ever Wanted To Know About Your OTHER Lives?


Past Lives

Although everything is happening right now, you may have chosen to live lives on an earlier timeline than your current one.

Who were you?


Parallel Lives

Did you know that you are living more than one life in this same linear time-space reality? You’re doing double duty on Earth.

Who else are you?


Non-human Lives

Incarnations aren’t limited to human form, of course. Tentacles? Scales? The choices in this free-will Universe are endless.

What else are you?


Future Lives

Other parts of you are living lives on “future” timelines, helping the current You to evolve on a more primitive Earth.

Where is the rest of you?

Consider an Internal Tourism Session:

Embark on an introspective odyssey using Internal Tourism. Our higher selves will work together in this personalized experience, combining multiple processes for a unique exploration of yourself. Meet past and future versions of yourself, extraterrestrial entities, and intelligent guides who bring valuable insights to enhance your life. And, take home a beautiful piece of art as a visual reminder of your transformational journey.



Let’s harmonize our minds and bodies with a soothing reiki session. We’ll establish a focused intention, guided by your important questions and needs.


Beyond Quantum Healing

You will be regressed gently to the appropriate time and place for your intention. Meet Other Selves, guides, and ascended masters for personal insight.


Artistic Debriefing

We will end the session with an artistic endeavor that acts as a co-creational souvenir of your visit with your Other Selves.

More Sessions

Transcending the Earth Illusion

From $200

This session provides tools to streamline your awakening process in a manner that correlates with your soul plan. A session is 1 hour.

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)

From $450

You’ll be taken to the most relevant “time and place” for your personal expansion through deep relaxation.
Sessions are 3 – 4 hours.

& Medical Reiki

From $120

Receive targeted energy to restore physical, spiritual, or mental well-being. Online or in person in the Los Angeles area. Sessions are 1 – 8 hours.

Learn how multidimensional
you really are.

Kimberly Darwin

About me

I’m a Certified Medical Reiki Master (CMRM), Hypnotist and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Practitioner.

As a servant / leader in the field of consciousness for 20 years, I have assisted countless humans on their journey to remember their own divinity using a combination of experiential modalities.

Happy Clients

Here is what some recent clients have to say:

Working with Kimberly has opened my entire world to things beyond what our natural senses can fathom. I am much more cognizant of energy, spirits, ancestors, and all things deemed “weird”. I can’t wait to work with Kimberly again!!!


Kimberly’s compassionate guidance helped me go so much deeper!
I felt such a lightness after our session- can’t wait for the next one!
I learned skills I can practice every day on my own or with friends, too!


Really excited to use the information I learned to take the next step in this life.


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