My mother reactivated my telepathic abilities when I was 6 when she taught me how to plant beneficial images into other people’s minds. We started with ice cream cones, flowers, and other symbols of joy. She was a great teacher, infusing integrity into the practice, and allowing me full rein to play with my imaginary friends in my room. We even baked extra cupcakes for them, just in case they were hungry.

I then learned to speak to animals of all types and reveled more in the conversations with backyard birds than in playing with the neighborhood kids. Needless to say, there were whispers in most places I went.

We were a split-brained family: half intellectual, and half spiritually oriented, yet all artistic. I found the scientific path boring beyond measure with two rocket scientists and countless engineers among our ranks. So to balance the scales I trained as a gemologist, which allowed me to play with the energy of crystals while still appearing grown-up.

A lot of experience has been gained in this 867th (and final) life on Earth. There have been stints as a casino pit boss, a professional quilter, a graphics designer, a blogger, and a domain name investor, to name a few. I am a certified level 3 Reiki Master with additional certification as a Medical Reiki Master. Other certifications include Beyond Quantum Healing and hypnosis.

I have a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona, and I still talk to animals every day. And if you meet me, you might crave ice cream.

My Goal

It’s my passion to watch people heal themselves. Since all healing is self-healing, I aim to be the practitioner who supports you in discovering yourself. My goal is for you to feel so self-empowered that you no longer need me. It’s OK, we can still be friends.

Since I am aware of our divinity, your session with me will be with the full understanding that I know you are a creator being, even if you are not consciously applying that truth. You are creating 100% of your reality, and hopefully you will invite me to co-create with you. Whether that’s self-healing, or self-discovery, or just learning how to jump around in different timelines, it’s my goal to re-introduce you to Yourself. The Self that planned to come to Earth, to experience physicality, and to learn to love everything, everyone, and every situation in which you find yourself.

If you feel the need to rediscover your power as a creator, consider having a session with me. We’ll pull out stops you didn’t even know you had, dissolve your amnesia, and help you get back to making Earth a responsible playground for expansion.